Small municipalities across Canada face similar challenges with respect to asset management: Lack of in-house resources and expertise, budget restrictions, aging infrastructure, and more. This project has been initiated to create a cost-effective method to implement asset management planning.

aimSOIR is a GIS integrated spreadsheet-based tool that can be used by municipalities to:

  • Report on the State of Infrastructure including the replacement cost, annual reserves required, condition and projected expenditures
  • Prioritize infrastructure renewal based on Risk through an analysis of Probability of Failure (PoF) and Consequence of Failure (CoF)

We recommend using QGIS, an open source Desktop GIS.

This project relies on the input and support from local governments, consultants and individuals. The aimSOIR methodology is extensively used by municipalities in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, and British Columbia. We appreciate the support from federal, provincial and local governments and communities of practice across Canada that is making this initiative a success. In particular, we recognize the support of AIM Network and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

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